Sports youth paves the way for the future

Sports youth paves the way for the future

The bavarian sports youth (BSJ) represents all young people up to the age of 26 in the city and district of bamberg who are organized in sports clubs. For the bamberg sports district, this means around 34,000 people who are members of 239 sports clubs. The district youth day of the BSJ now took place in the sports home in robdorf am forst.

In the technical part of the evening, friederike straub, the district’s honorary officer, informed about the possibilities of demands in youth work. She is also available for this purpose at any time in her function at the district office of bamberg.

In his report, chairman udo schoberth looked back on the last four years, during which he was able to rely on the support and familiarization of his predecessor franz will. Thus, a smooth transition in the leadership of the association at the district level was possible. In recent years, the focus has been on the two international weeks in 2017 and 2019 in the district of bamberg, which were supported by the BSJ and each included a sports festival for forderschool classes.

Rough thanks went to the district and the city of bamberg for the financial means available, which can be passed on as grants to the associations for extraordinary activities. Thanks to these funds, it has also been possible in recent years to continue and intensify the support of school sports by the district youth leadership.

A core problem for youth work in the clubs is the increasing all-day care of children. Due to the almost exclusively voluntary structure of the clubs, participation in all-day care in schools or kindergartens is usually not feasible. For this reason, an FSJ position was filled in the BSJ district youth leadership in the 2018/19 school year. Based on these experiences, we will try to fill these positions in the future, if necessary. Interested clubs or young people who are interested in such a voluntary service can contact the district youth management.

At the end of his report, schoberth thanked the district treasurer hans jurgen straub for his excellent work, which was confirmed by an audit report without any objections.

The mayor of the municipality of strullendorf, wolfgang desel, praised the commitment of local sports clubs and volunteerism in general as an indispensable part of a civic society.

Two central personalities of the sportkreis bamberg were to be honored. For their many years of intensive commitment to the sporting youth work, both friederike straub as a board member of the BSJ and the BLSV district chairman carsten joneitis were awarded the honorary pin in "silver with gold" honored. In the laudatory speech by udo schoberth, the excellent cooperation between the youth and adult associations was particularly praised.

The main focus of the district youth conference, which takes place every four years, was the election of the new district youth leadership. Udo schoberth (TV hallstadt) and his deputy wolfgang will (SG bruder am forst) were confirmed in their offices without any votes against. With the exception of the previous youth spokesperson theresa albrecht and the board member simon winkler, the board stood for re-election.

In the future, the team will be supported by the newly elected youth spokespersons julia getmanenko (TV hallstadt) and xenia herter (TV hallstadt) as well as the board members maria burgis, kimberly wheeler, maurice schallenberg and udo richter.

In conclusion, chairman udo schoberth thanked all the associations on behalf of the district youth leadership for their dedicated work and the representatives of the youth associations present, michaela rugheimer and stefan sporlein, for their good and constructive cooperation.

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