Subes for the seven winners

Subes for the seven winners

The bamberg short film festival ended on sunday with the always very popular award-winning and audience favorite roles. The night before, seven film teams had already received awards in the various categories. The prize money in bamberg is traditionally accompanied by the golden rider made of chocolate from the hands of sculptor adelbert heil.

The jury – stephan grosse-grollmann, alexandre espigares and brigitte strubel-mattes – named the film "the girl in the snow" the best feature film of the festival from dennis ledergerber. The seven-minute film about a racketeer functions like a classic short story, in that it is carried along by a strong, dark punch line.

The winner in the documentary category, "joe boots," takes up considerably more space by florian baron. Baron, during a stay in pittsburgh, met the iraq war veteran boots, a young man who supposedly overcame his war dream. The study about boots is an excerpt from a motion picture that will be released at the end of the year. In it, baron juxtaposes five comparable stories.

Documentaries popular

The award-winning film is an aesthetically impressive example of how well the short film format works, especially in the documentary field, thanks to its unusual slow-mo camera movements. The bamberg audience knows this by now, so that the two documentary-only reels last tuesday and wednesday at the lichtspielkino were almost completely sold out.

The short film festival, which likes to call itself the "oldest short film festival in bavaria" to the reverse, will celebrate their 30th anniversary next year. Birthday. Around 150 films were screened over seven days, 70 of them in the competitions. The organizers around the two chairmen volker traumann and andreas bohler are always faced with the challenge of turning venues next to the lichtspiel into cinemas. After a few years in the rediscovered luli-saal, the festival moved to the alte seilerei for this edition.

"We are therefore especially happy", according to bohler "that the audience has also found its way out of there. The roping has been quite well received." Also thanks to this decision the festival spreads more and more over the city area. The main auditorium of the odeon cinema was also available to the team for presentations and the award ceremony, and the city library is now traditionally the venue for the permanent exhibition.

In addition to the art of film, the largely volunteer team has built up a second mainstay in the form of club culture. The choice for the most suitable location for a pop-up short film club fell once again on the former morphclub in upper konigsstrabe. The fact that the festival is making this eagerly missed place accessible again is a highly emotional matter for many visitors. There was usually a long queue in front of the club door from 9pm onwards: admission stopped due to city regulations. The prevented visitors usually waited as patiently as peacefully.

Popular meeting place

The club is for the short film days but not only a place for discussion and live music from bands like the "deadnotes" and "police. It is also the meeting point for the filmmakers, who travel from all over the german-speaking countries. It is an exhibition space for the artists of the villa concordia: this year heiner blum exhibited enormous light boxes, which seemed to be made for the overall picture of the charmingly rough cellar. Andreas bohler: "for us, the club is also a place where we can try out new formats, the workshops for example, and, for the first time, a youtube battle."

In the context of this "battle on thursday evening the audience was given the opportunity to participate in the curatorial process of the film program. The participants presented their favorite videos from the net, with which they competed against each other. Among them also: team rote beete from ukraine. Behind this are the makers of the wizart-festival from lemberg. For the guest country ukraine they had provided the bambergers with two reels at once.

Andreas bohler once again: "although we only show films from the german-speaking world, the internationalization of the short film festival is continuing. Maybe we will visit our colleagues in lemberg in return." The festival there takes place in august. In bamberg, no one thinks about short films, they belong in january. The team, however, will long be back in the middle of the process of screening and selection. As of now, it’s about finding a program for the rough 30.

The prize winner best feature film: "the girl in the snow by denis ledergerber

Best documentary: "joe boots by florian baron

Best animation/experimental film: "carlottas face" by valentien riedl and frederic schuld

Best children’s film: "sloth by julia ochre

Best film made in upper franconia: "the blue village by kevin koch

Audience award: "mascarpone by joans riemer

Prize of the youth jury: "rouff by johannes engelhardt, benjamin brand, johannes lumer, markus eschrich, julius rosen

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