Sulzfeld wins first derby match

Sulzfeld wins first derby match

Joachim hupp is driven this season by another intention than to achieve a placement in the secure midfield of the table with the FG marktbreit/martinsheim and perhaps even to finish the round in fifth place in the district league. The midfielder, driving force and sporting director of the club has set his sights on defeating his former club, TSV sulzfeld, for the first time in a regular-season match. On wednesday evening, the 28-year-old had the opportunity to realize his plan. But in the end the sulzfelders prevailed again. They won 2-1 in marktbreit in front of an impressive crowd of almost 400 spectators.

"I don't think it's so tragic," said hupp after the final whistle, which sealed marktbreit's first defeat of the season. "We finally have nine points and are five points better than the rest of the team."Hupp left sulzfeld in 2008 in the national league to return to his hometown club as a player-coach and to voluntarily relegate four divisions. For this he had been laughed at time and again. Meanwhile, both teams meet in the same league. "I had two really good years in sulzfeld," as hupp states. During the game on wednesday, sulzfeld spectators repeatedly made hamish comments against hupp – when he had committed a foul, had been laid off himself or was looking for a discussion with the referee. "Taunts leave me cold," said hupp.

Sulzfeld nevertheless enjoyed the first victory extensively. The previous performances had not reflected the actual performance of the team coached by andreas submeier. In marktbreit, the sulzfelders were rewarded for their efforts. "Now i'm confident about the tasks ahead," said the coach, who like attacker daniel hack had been on the other side the year before, while marktbreit's tobias jager and sebastian wirsching had played for sulzfeld just as hupp once had done. The guests took advantage of the knowledge of the strong and weak of the other team in a better way. In the midfield center they neutralized the game structure intended by wirsching and hupp. With passes between the defenders they looked for the way to the conclusion.

The superiority on the playing level paid off early in chances. Markus spahn and felix rahmann hit the crossbar with their shots from distance. "We have to want more," marktbreit's coach tobias jager shouted to his colleagues. By attacking early, sulzfeld quickly put its opponents in a tight spot and provoked their weak passing rate. The home side was all the more surprised when they scored the opening goal. Daniel endres crossed the line after felix hofmann had crossed from an offside position (32 minutes). Minute). Sulzfeld was not robbed of its concept by this. Rahmann's spirited effort in midfield benefited daniel hack. The striker lifted the leather five minutes after marktbreit had scored to make it 1:1 into the corner of the goal.

Contrary to what was considered after the 2:3 defeat against SG margetshochheim, andreas submeier had left his lineup unchanged. "The team has to find its way," says the coach. "I had changed the player after every mistake, the restlessness was generated." This harmony used sulzfeld after the break. After an energetic duel, christian hilpert played the ball into the top corner, where christopher voit had the composure to run around marktbreit's goalkeeper benjamin stor before he pushed it in for the 2:1 lead (72.). "Everyone makes mistakes," said marktbreit's coach tobias jager, defending defender tobias lechner, who had given the ball away carelessly beforehand.

A fast-paced first half was followed by a less intense second half, in which many interruptions hampered the flow of the game. "We did not lose today against a superior team," said jager. In order for joachim hupp to fulfill his wish, however, he must wait until at least 8. December wait. For this day the ruckspiel is scheduled.

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