Thanks for loyalty and goodbye

Thanks for loyalty and goodbye

The tables were festively set. The clothing store murk had invited its employees to the christmas party. Among them the 88-year-old senior boss and founder of the company, anton murk.

Managing directors johannes and georg murk used the occasion to honor long-serving employees and to say goodbye to four employees who were retiring. Before that, johannes murk gave a review of 2018. An eventful year, which has brought structural and personnel changes to the family-owned company.

At the beginning of the year, the high loss of the "mens fashion" company, a branch of the company, surprised. The brothers georg and johannes murk, also managing directors of "mens fashion, had then arranged for a change of tax advisor and brought on board an experienced expert.

In the clothing store, the very capital-intensive "hardware" due to the warehousing had been disposed of the fire department equipment separated. Murk no longer offers protective equipment such as helmets or shoes, but continues to supply clubs and companies with clothing. The clothing store has also parted company with the curtain department and the close.

At the end of the fiscal year, murk was able to announce a drop in sales but a significant improvement in profits due to these changes. "We were short staffed, so many of you had to work extra shifts.", murk called out to the employees. "But it has paid off."

Looking ahead to 2019, he announced that the clothing store would become "independent" make. The changeover was accompanied by new employees in the administration – sybille gack, gunter kratzer and hannah kocurek. Johannes murk thanked the staff, especially stefan tinter, christian ziegler and georg tinter, as well as the management team for their active support.

The following long-serving employees were honored: anni nagengast, beate thomann and petra kundmuller for 25 years and erika reichenbacher and erna schmitt for 40 years. Gisela roder, edith holley, erika reichenbacher and hildegund raber retired at the ceremony.

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