Thanksgiving is much more than a church festival

With a church parade from the upper gate to the parish church of st. Martin the harvest festival was initiated in weismain. To the sound of the weismain brass band, 200 participants marched into the parish church of saint martin with the frankenlied march. Many groups and participants presented an impressive picture: the kolping family, the garden and flower friends of weismain, the gardening association of geutenreuth, the schutzen, the kindergarten of saint anna, the mayors udo dauer and hans schott, numerous city councillors, the church committees around the city priest gerhard mockel and pastoral advisor birgit janson as well as many families.

The children made a small swing in the schonbornsaal. The theme of thanksgiving was explained to them in a child-friendly way. With the song "thank you for a good morning" the youngest this was expressed.

Into the festively decorated house of god st. Martin, the faithful entered the church with imposing organ music. There the women of the kolping family had created a path to the altar from fruits, grains and vegetables. The most important symbols of a church service, bread, wine and water, were also displayed on the altar. Giving thanks for the fruits of the earth also means opening our hearts, explained the city's pastor gerhard mockel. Unfortunately, thanksgiving has been lost to many people. Although you can still see in the rural main-jura area, when sowing and harvesting are. But here, too, shopping in supermarkets had obscured the view of the essentials.

Also, on this day, the question arises about the personal harvest of the past year. Looking back with satisfaction on successful projects, job satisfaction, successful examinations – that is also thanksgiving.

With the song "god holds the world and people in his hand" then the youngest entered the house of worship. They had brought their harvest gifts in small baskets. Once again, the "thank god for bread" campaign was a success. 125 loaves of bread blessed by the parish priest were distributed in exchange for a donation to a kindergarten in india. With the rough chorale of martin rinckart "nun danket alle gott mit herzen mund und handen" (now give thanks to god with heart, mouth and hands) the impressive celebration came to an end. 

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