The fc alemannia turns 90 this year

For the annual general meeting of FC alemannia schwarzelbach 1928 on saturday, chairman michael eusemann buried a well-filled hall of the sportheim. He has been in office for a year and has passed his baptism of fire brilliantly with the leadership of this meeting. Deputy mayor roland bronner confirmed: "the chairman has managed everything well and has kept himself in good shape".
No, he wasn’t bored, says eusemann and confirms: "it was an exciting year for me. Already in the run-up, he had spurred the rough redevelopment topic for the sport home. The longest interior renovation includes several areas, from the sanitary facilities to a new bar and the gymnasium. There had already been talks with the municipality of wartmannsroth, the owner of the building, about the renovation of the building. Eusemann pointed out the FC’s usufructuary right to the sports home. Another user is the resident fire department. That the renovation still this year to the sports festival on 14. Until 16. July is hardly conceivable. Then the 90th anniversary of the club will be celebrated. Bronner to the newspaper: "the sportheim renovation will hopefully get the demand village renewal".


Oswald beck, julius fella, leo hergenroder, walter jungnickel and rudi schneider have now been honored for their 70 years of membership in FC alemannia schwarzelbach. Klaus halemba, herbert heim, erich leitschuh, theodor manger, gerhard schneider, peter schuhler, and albert muller were honored for 55 years of loyalty. Lothar bold was honored for 50 years of membership, roland eusemann for 40 years, and dorothea bronner for 25 years. Dorothea bronner, horst kohlhepp and reinhold wald were appointed honorary members.
"We will not give up!", promised michael eusemann in view of the necessity of a game pooling among the kickers. But also the social side of the club life kept the athletes busy. For example, the maypole erection, the push for the club cup, the sports festival, the church fair and other festivities. The average age of the 227 members is over 61 due to the 107 seniors.
Roland eusemann, leader of the FC hiking group, reported that the old men’s hike led to schonderling. But also a wintry night hike, a sunny may hike and a kreuzberg hike have taken place in this group. Excursions to the historic bamberg and to a ballast works rounded off the annual program. The hikers were involved in the operation of the domestic coal pile, which is to be revived this year in april. In september the thuringian mariental and the wartburg are the destination.

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