The fire department is reorganizing in several areas

The fire department is reorganizing in several areas

According to claudia ehrlinger, commander of the lahmer-pulsdorf fire department, there is an urgent need for action at the fire pond in pulsdorf. Mayor werner thomas wanted to solve this problem at the village renewal meeting, as was heard at the annual general meeting of the fire department.

Commander ehrlinger informed that ten drills took place in the past year. A rough inspection was also carried out, and the hydrants were checked and the complaints forwarded to the municipality.

The commander regretted that there was no safety training last year. She hopes that this important training will take place again this year.

The commander was lame in kindergarten for fire safety education: many children did not know her address and cried at the sight of a firefighter in a hazmat suit. There is an urgent need for clarification.

The commander also spoke about the planned daytime standby in the itzgrund. The radio message receivers were already distributed to the firefighters.

The fire brigade had no operations in 2018. This year the firehouse will get a general cleaning. A performance review is also to take place again. Furthermore they want to visit again the blue light event and the festivities of the fire department lautertal. Ehrlinger took in two active.

An excursion to the palm beach leisure pool in stein near nurnberg is planned at the request of the young people.

Chairman daniel grell recalled the cool water barbecue challenge and pointed out that the fire department will celebrate its 150th anniversary in 2023. Jubilee celebrates.

The mayor praised the jubilarians. For 25 years of membership and active service oliver batz and volker schaferlein were honored. Karl-heinz degel was honored for 40 years of active service. As cash auditors roland angermuller and marcell judex were elected. 

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