The graduates of the ninth grade of the coburg ruckert school are very pleased

The graduates of the ninth grade of the coburg ruckert school are very pleased

Well. The principal of the ruckert middle school, norbert trutschel, at the dismissal ceremony for the ninth-grade students on friday at least admitted that the start at the ruckert school, back then at the beginning of the fifth school year, must have been rather humbling. New and unknown classmates, new and unknown teachers, new and unknown rooms. And: "there was not even a school mare!" Now, at the end of middle school, the young people saw it very well
more serene. "You are the main people today," said, the principal pointed out. And the result is quite impressive. After all, almost two-thirds of the ninth graders fall in love with the so-called "quali", a special performance test beyond the simple high school diploma.

And then there were not only the regular classes 9a and 9G (G stands for full-day classes) at the ruckertschule. There was another 9 UE (UE stands for transition). The schoolchildren from different countries of origin, syria, iraq, afghanistan, algeria, argentina, from at least three continents were brought together. This intercontinental mix celebrated so exuberantly and joyfully that they even infected teachers and fellow students with their exuberant joy. The colorful interaction in this transition class has been wonderful
worked out.

But life goes on. "Today marks the end of a period in your lives", said school district director uwe dorfer. "The time has been significant for your life." But he also warned against frustration and disenchantment. Life is not a permanent succession of high points, he said. But he was also sure: "you approach your tasks with courage and self-confidence." And he pointed out that knowing always needs an update.

The teacher band contributed musically: anna koppl, eva butz-oppel, kerstin franke, sven volker, reinhardt muller, jurgen behling, elisabeth niestroij and gregor malinowski.

These are the graduates:
class 9a: hannes braunstatter, valtrim demiri, tim erhard, arsalan hajian, matthias hildebrandt, moesha jones, katharina kalb, jessica miller, eric patzelt, mohammad sarbazi and rene wolf.

Class 9G: meike erler, lea friedel, zahra haidary, daniel hammer, rico hartan, dennis krejci, daniel kujat, tamiro kulpmann, felix schmitt, marcel schoppa, arthur schroder, daniel waheed.

Class 9UE: nabiha ajja, sana damlakhi, eva hadzsi, fatima nagy, masouma nazari, amelia pudlowska, rand younes, mykhailo bokovikov, sardar habouch, omid muhammadi, yousef taheri, ivan gustavo verdugo, samih yousuf khalaf and bilal yusafi.

Best in class were hannes braunstatter, arsalan hajian, meike erler, daniel hammer, daniel kujat and rand younes.

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