The spd honors numerous longstanding members

Numerous members of the untersteinach SPD local association attended the annual general meeting in the packed untersteinach awo meeting place. Guests included the vice president of the state parliament, mdl inge aures, and the second mayor of the city of weibenstadt, holger griebhammer, who was elected to the district parliament on 14 january. October: candidate for the SPD in the wunsiedel-kulmbach constituency.
In his report, the chairman and mayor volker schmiechen reviewed the events of the local association. In his capacity as mayor, he addressed the politics of the community. With the construction of the hummendorf bridge, which began recently, a long-planned project could finally be implemented. Also the mabnahmen in gumpersdorf (flood clearance and connection of the water supply to the rodacher gruppe) have arrived on the home stretch. Significant and visible progress has also been made in the construction of the by-pass.
With regard to the future water supply in untersteinach, schmiechen explained that, contrary to claims to the contrary, he had never unilaterally spoken out in favor of a full connection to the o. The citizens of untersteinach will be informed in writing about the financial implications in the coming weeks.
The report of the treasurer klaus pfandner showed a pleasing financial development. As representative of the auditors, herrmann pohlmann stated a flawless cash management. ASF chairwoman christa muller was delighted that natascha kohnen would once again be the leading female candidate in the state elections.
Guest speaker inge aures made it clear that housing policy would play a central role in the state elections.
Uwe jackwerth, michael arlt, christa muller and cornelia wehner were elected as delegates of the local association at the delegate elections for the european election conference of the SPD subdistrict of kulmbach-lichtenfels.
Numerous members of the local association were honored for their many years of service to the SPD. Honored for 50 years of membership: altburgermeister and honorary chairman heinz burges, herwarth schomberg and hans dresel, for 35 years erika wagner and inge pohlmann, for 30 years werner agly, charlotte klotzer, evi reuther, manfred steinbrenner and hilmar stumpf and for 25 years wilhelm wimmer.

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