Twin town hennebont: former mayor le borgne dies

Jean le borgne, former mayor of kronach's twin town hennebont, died on 10. January at the age of 75 after a long illness. As has now been announced by the city administration of kronach, his funeral took place on 15. January in the circle of his family.

A commemoration of the city of hennebont described jean le borgne as a "committed man who was true to his convictions and close to the people". "He was a unifying mayor, who was not dogmatic, with a rough, open mind", hennebont's mayor andre hartereau died.

Originally from cleder, le borgne was a nurse by profession. A change of job took him from paris to hennebont, where he became involved in the communist party against the injustices in the hospital system. He became a councillor under mayor eugene crepeau and in 1977, at the age of 33, became his assistant for personnel and social affairs. In 1979, jean le borgne took over the mayoralty and won the next three municipal elections. In his last term he handed over the office to his first deputy gerard perron. In 2002 he retired from politics for good.

Initiator of the town partnership

The reorganization of the health care system, the construction of social housing, the designation of commercial areas and corresponding settlements, and the founding of the victor hugo public high school stand for his successes.

For the foundation of the town twinning kronach-hennebont jean le borgne together with the former mayor of kronach manfred raum laid the foundation stone. After four years of intensive exchanges, the 31st of december. August 1990 the signing of the partnership agreement between hennebont and kronach was celebrated during a festive meeting of the kronach city council. In may of the following year, the twinning agreement was sealed with a partnership meeting in hennebont.

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