Until the beams bend

Until the beams bend

In the old art city pub "nepomuk it is good practice to organize concerts with references to the district of kronach. On saturday, 21. September, a new chapter in the relationship between altenkunstadt and kronach will be opened there at 9 p.M.

The "vol" band from kronach, which has been popular in altenkunstadt for years.Beatclub", the danish hardrockgiganten "volbeat" pays tribute to them once again. The thuringian band "roadkill BBQ" will be the opening act, celebrating the greatest triumph of their young careers in the district of kronach. On 25. May this year the guys gave a great performance at the open air "die festung rockt" the starting signal for an approximately twelve-hour festival marathon with a total of ten bands. Sanger michael jary roared "heavy metal" with a deep rumbling voice into the microphone. Now even the last knew what the hour has struck musically. Hard, loud sounds set the tone for around twelve hours to the delight of the visitors.

On 3. November of last year, the quartet from the slate town of lehesten, founded in 2017, won the preliminary round of the open air "die festung rockt" at the kronach youth and cultural center "struwwelpeter played with a vehemence that bent the beams. The reward: as third place winners of the contest, micha (guitar and vocals), radi (guitar), pat (bass and vocals) and benni (drums) were allowed to perform on november 25. May rock the kronach fortress.

Top band of the rock evening in the small arts pub in altenkunstadt is the kronach band "vol.Beatclub", what fans and critics say about the best volbeat cover bands today. Marco beiergroblein (drums), martin hiksch (bass), emerich sugar, markus berneck (both guitar) and matthias nickol (vocals) pay tribute to danish hard rock giants "volbeat" their tribute, who rocked out in 2007 in front of a small audience on the sacred lawn of vfb neuensee.

What has become of the danish hardrock troupe? A meteoric rise to the rock olympus followed. The danenrockers are one of the most successful rock bands in the world today, and are now on permanent rotation at radio stations. At the motorcycle star ride in spring 2018 and at the kronach music night in autumn of the same year, the original was not present, but the cover rockers from the frankenwald convinced with first-class interpretations of songs like "fallen" or "sad man’s tongue", which will also be performed at the "nepomuk to be heard will be.

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