Wallenfels equalizes points account

Wallenfels equalizes points account

In the tischtenniskreis are in the 1. District league the TS kronach II men's team moved level with SV hummendorf at the top with a resounding victory at TTC au II. Today, tuesday, the two championship contenders will meet directly in kronach, starting at 8 p.M.


1. Kreisliga: after two recent defeats, TTC wallenfels has managed its third win of the season (9:4 against friesen), so that it has balanced its account and has established itself in the midfield. SV friesen digested this second defeat quite quickly, because only one day later, thanks to all six decisive sets won, they held down TTC brauersdorf 9:5. TTC au II did not stand a chance against TS kronach II (0:9).
2. Kreisliga: the TTC alexanderhutte II lost a point against the SV hummendorf II (8:8), which was not necessarily expected. The TTC even had to fear for this one player, because the last team was 8:6 ahead in the final phase. The same applies to TSV steinberg, who could not get beyond an 8:8 against TV marienroth.
ATSV reichenbach continued its winning streak against ebersdorf (9:5). Already for the second time the SV nurn did not bring a lead in dry tucher. This time they were 7:4 in front in langenau, before all following pairings were lost. Particularly annoying was that the final double after a 2:0 lead in the fifth set was lost by a hair's breadth with 9:11.
3. Kreisliga west: SV rothenkirchen II lived up to its role as favorite at TSV windheim IV (9:3). ASV kleintettau was beaten by TSV stockheim II (1:9), which continues to be one of the leading quartets in close proximity to each other. TSV teuschnitz III also belongs to this group of four (9:3 against reichenbach II). In a neighborly duel between two previously winless teams, TSV teuschnitz IV fell short against marienroth II (3:9).
3. Kreisliga ost: already the eighth match was played by FC wacker haig and they won the eighth match (9:2 against steinberg II). Abblitzen loved the TS kronach III in a city derby the TVE gehulz (9:1). SG neuses II had its first success against SV weibenbrunn (9:4).
4. Kreisliga: with a 9:3 in the derby at TTC au IV, the SG neuses III moved up to the second place. Reichenbach III celebrated the second victory against SC rennsteig steinbach (9:4). Again windheim V went empty-handed (3:9 against kleintettau II).
4. Kreisliga (4er): with a close 8:6 at SC hablach II, FC wacker haig III drew level with SV fischbach III. Brauersdorf II lost to top-ranked alexanderhutte III (0:8).

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